Shower Remodel – Shower Valve and Hand Held Shower Head Tips

Do you want to save time and money when planning a new or renovated bathroom? If you do, then you should consider building your own shower. If you’re not familiar with construction work or plumbing, it’s best to leave it to the pros. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t learn how to do some of the work yourself if you have the proper tools and skills. Here are some tips for how to do a simple, cost-effective Shower Remodel in Tacoma.

Shower Remodel


One time-tested, guaranteed way to slash your budget for a new shower remodel is to demolition the space by yourself. Even if you’ve hired a pro to build the shower for you, that’s one project that almost any homeowner can undertake on their own. Commercial contractors are accustomed to working with homeowners doing pre-construction remodeling work themselves. By hiring them they can give you a free quote on the cost of tearing everything down, including the showerheads, tiles, and fixtures.


Building your own walk-in shower may be one of the simplest ways to get the job done. You don’t need any special tools. And you don’t have to be a pro to do a great job of installing your new shower. Many homeowners who decide to go the do-it-yourself way with their new bathroom hire a contractor to install the tiles, fittings, and accessories. And even then, many of the DIY tub shower projects look just as good as those built by the professionals.


If cost is a factor and you’re working on a tight budget, a great way to save on labor costs while building your own custom shower is to hire a local construction crew. A good contractor can come into your home, evaluate the work you need done and bring estimates from several contractors. Then he or she will give you the lowest price for the project. You can negotiate the price after the estimate is generated, before construction begins. Your remodeling contractor can also help you decide what finishes would look best in your bathroom, and which would be more affordable.


If your budget does not allow for a major remodeling project like a brand new shower, you can still have a great looking custom shower with just a few extra touches. Instead of spending a lot of money, or putting in a large amount of effort, you can simply update the hardware, add a new showerhead, or install a hand held shower head. If you want to update the hardware on an old shower, look online for deals. Many hardware stores offer a huge savings off brands that are known for manufacturing high quality shower hardware.


Hand held shower heads are pretty much the newest craze in bathroom remodeling. These handy little units make it easy to take showers in the nude. They also make taking long hot baths a lot easier, because they don’t clog up the shower drains as much. Shower valve covers are a great accessory if you’re thinking of doing something a little different, such as installing a new shower valve, switch the water on or off, or install other features. Whatever your shower remodel dreams are, there’s a pretty much a shower head out there that will suit them.