How to Perform Auto Maintenance

Oil changes can be a messy affair, but with the right equipment and tools it doesn’t have to be. No longer do you need to spend hours in the garage or on a long journey to find the perfect location for your engine and the required oil. You can now easily change the oil of your vehicle in five easy steps and with minimal equipment. This is great news if you live in an area where oil changes are common and you’re forced to carry around an expensive mobile unit. Before you get started, read about the steps to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need to locate your engine. Find the oil cap or “dipstick” on your engine. It’s usually covered by a plastic dome that protects it from the elements and lets you easily see which side needs to be cleaned. Next, turn off the ignition and depress the “start” button on the dash.

After your engine has started, remove the dipstick and set it aside. Next, look for oil in the engine. You may be able to smell it or taste it as it develops but it’s not too difficult to determine if the oil level needs changing. If you hear a hissing or grinding sound as the oil changes, then you need to remove the old oil filter and insert the new one. Make sure that the oil filter isn’t blocked by anything else such as hair or dirt before proceeding.

Then, you’ll need to drain the oil and fill up the oil filter. If it seems dirty or clogged, then you’ll want to run some cleaner through it. The cleaner will help get rid of any remains that isn’t good enough for the new oil. Replace the oil and put the cap back on the oil filter and you’re done. There’s no more need to worry about low oil pressure, noisy engines, and annoying noises.

Check your oil about twice a year and change it when needed. There are many things that can affect your oil such as the type of gas you use, the age of the engine and how much you drive. When it comes to replacing your oil, you’ll need to consult a professionals from I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash for the proper type of oil that will work in your vehicle. This is very important because different oils work in different ways. If you don’t change your oil regularly, then the oil can build up a discharge and affect the way your engine operates. Don’t forget to run the engine for a few moments after changing your oil and check for leaks or fluid pools.

Another tip is to make sure you always buy the same brand of oil you have your car on. Buying generic oil will simply mean that you’re just buying oil that will perform like every other brand. If you buy generic oil and use it in your car, then you’ll end up spending more money in the long run because you’ll have to pay for repairs or go out and buy new. This is especially important if you drive an expensive vehicle such as a sports car or a luxury car. In order to keep your vehicle running like it was designed to run, you have to change your oil regularly.