Custom Kitchen Cabinetry: Reasons Why Choosing Custom Is A Good Idea

As more Americans strive to live “green,” improving their home’s environmental performance, customized kitchen cabinetry is becoming a popular solution. Customized kitchen cabinets experts can help you achieve your goals in terms of energy efficiency and minimizing your carbon footprint. While it used to be that cabinet companies made cabinets to order, with very little leeway for changing specifications, today’s cabinet specialists are more knowledgeable about the products they offer, what works best to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and how to combine your specifications with environmentally-friendly methods of installation. With a combination of specialized cabinet features, color options, and a unique, custom look, customized kitchen cabinets are a perfect solution to upgrading your kitchen.

Stock cabinets are generally divisible in standardized sizes, usually by three. Typically, the size of your cabinet starts at nine-by-nine-inch increments and goes up in three-inch increments. Most custom kitchen cabinetry is made with a one-by-one ratio, meaning there will be one board of standard size material to mark each drawer. This provides a cleaner workable design, which is easier on the eyes when navigating around the kitchen. When there are a lot of drawers, this can add up to wasted space as not every drawer is the right size for what you’re looking for.

While standardizing sizes, custom kitchen cabinetry is designed to minimize wasted space. Materials vary by quality and can provide a rich, dark, or light feel to your kitchen’s design. This is especially helpful if you have large families or frequent gatherings. Many custom cabinets are specially designed to minimize wasted space, allowing you to more easily clean up afterwards.

One of the best ways to save space is to avoid standard cabinet styles. Standard cabinet designs include single and double-ended drawers. Unfortunately, most of these models use more than one vertical slot. Instead, you should look into semi-custom options. Semi-custom cabinets allow you to combine the best of standard and semi-custom cabinetry styles. The end result? You have custom kitchen cabinets that offer more utility than your old stock cabinets.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinetry has some standard features that aren’t found on prefabricated cabinets, however. For instance, many of the available choices have under mount sinks, which can be a nice addition for larger families. However, with cabinetry customization, you can choose what features you want in your cabinets without worrying about compatibility issues with other fixtures you may have in the kitchen. You can also choose to modify the doors, handles, drawer fronts, and more, and the modifications are fully customizable.

So whether you’re looking to replace kitchen cabinet doors or go through a complete kitchen design makeover, consider the possibility of customizing the cabinetry. It offers you the opportunity to use higher quality materials and features, while spending less money overall. In addition, custom cabinetry is generally considered easier to install and repair, as well as being easier to find replacement parts for. Why stick with the same old equipment when a customized kitchen design offers you so much more.