Choosing the Right Bathtub For Senior Citizens

Choosing a bathtub for senior citizens may seem like an overwhelming task. While there are literally hundreds of styles, designs, materials, and sizes available, there are a few basic factors that you should take into consideration. For instance, is your home older or newer. Does your tub need to accommodate a disability? Do you have a tub for seniors that meet the criteria described in this article.

Aging individuals are more likely than others to experience accidents in their bathroom. The combination of reduced mobility and decreased balance with slippery tile can be extremely dangerous for these seniors. A special bathtub for seniors that has several safety features can provide better comfort and safety for seniors while bathing. First, it must fit the user comfortably in order to reduce the risk of accidents while bathing. It should also be easily accessible, since seniors may not always be able to reach the bottom of the tub.

Next, a bathtub for seniors should have one or more of the following features: airbags to prevent splashes and splintering, or seatbelts to keep the chair in place, even during lengthy periods of time standing or kneeling. It should be made of durable material that can withstand repeated usage, such as vinyl. Finally, it should fit comfortably and securely without having to adjust the tub in order to accommodate the elderly person. This can include the depth of the basin and/or the shape of the tub. If the elderly bathtub is too deep, the user may struggle to maneuver and slip around in the bath. If the tub is too wide, it may result in an unstable position and an accident.

Once you’ve found the right tub for your elderly, you should focus on the safety features. For instance, if you live in an older home, look for models that have a built-in splash guard. This is an essential feature for elderly tubs, since elderly individuals often do not have the upper body strength to prevent injuries during accidents. Additionally, it provides a barrier between the tub and a slippery floor or other area of your home. Additionally, look for tubs that have seat belts to prevent the elderly person from slumping over and falling. Finally, choose tubs that have an exit hole in the side of the basin to allow easy access for those elderly members who have difficulties walking or standing.

These are some of the basic characteristics of a good tub for senior bathtubs, but there are other considerations as well. You may also want to consider the size, color, style, and material of the tub itself. Older bathtubs may be made of different materials, so be sure to choose a tub that complements your home.

Bathtubs are a wonderful way for seniors to enjoy bathing again, but only if they’re made properly for senior citizens. By investing in the right type of bathtub from a reliable bathtub and shower company, seniors can enjoy bathing again, with ease, comfort, and safety.