Choosing a Bathtub for Your New Bathroom

When bathtub installation was first considered many years ago, the only choice most people had was to purchase a low cost acrylic bathtub. Although acrylic bathtubs were a great alternative to the more costly traditional cast iron and porcelain tubs, they proved to be too light and fragile for many homes. After years of requests for an upgrade, the market has finally been flooded with high quality, stylish, and durable bathtub products that fit every budget and every need. Here are some of the latest trends in bathtub design and installation that are making it easy for consumers to get the perfect bathtub for their home.

Tall and thin is the new tack for older tubs, and the new styles available now provide the typical American bathtub installation with a long side square profile. Consumers have often wanted longer and deeper basins in order to fit a walk-in shower, but a shorter and wider version will still be a practical and fashionable choice. Many new models of contemporary bathtubs feature a flange with built in overflow drains for easy cleaning and are available in a variety of contemporary colors. For homeowners looking for the ultimate in bathtub installation, a curved flange with two overflow zones is a popular option.

Solid surface and inset acrylic tub surrounds are becoming very popular with contemporary and updated home styles. Solid surface bathtub surrounds require no installation whatsoever, because the entire tub is held securely in place by slabs of acrylic or fiberglass. Fiberglass slabs feature an open build design that allows easy cleaning of unsightly buildups. Solid surface tub surrounds are available in a variety of attractive colors. Most of these styles are available in both pre-drilled and hand-chased hole patterned patterns.

As a general rule, homeowners should avoid installing a freestanding tub in a bathroom that has either a bathtub or shower already installed. Installing a bathtub in a bathroom where a shower is not installed can be a difficult and expensive task. In many cases, it is necessary to hire a professional to perform the installation, as the sheer complexity of a bathtub and shower combination can make most do-it-yourselfers give up on the project. If installing in a bathroom that already has a bathtub, it is best to choose a separate design and style of tub surround than to mix and match styles of tub and shower. Shower trays and plumbing can be installed separately if desired, and it is sometimes possible to install a bathtub and shower combo kit. When installing the tub and shower together, it is important to install the shower tray first to ensure that all pieces of the shower unit are properly installed and aligned.

In addition to these considerations, there are numerous things to consider when deciding how and where to install the tub and shower. The size and shape of the space where the fixtures will be installed are the biggest. Bathroom sizes range from very small to large; therefore, it is important to plan for the largest tub possible and make sure that the plumbing is perfectly placed and angled so that the pipe behind the fixture will run parallel with the floor. Shower depth is also an issue, depending on whether the shower is wall-mounted or corner-mounted one. Corner-mounted fixtures can usually be installed on the left or right side of the space, while wall-mounted fixtures must be installed on the left or right sides of the room.

Since most plumbing is located inside the house, most people have no trouble with the plumbing once the bathtub replacement part has been purchased. However, it is possible for someone with poor plumbing to cause damage to fixtures if he were to try to install them while working in the bathroom. Also, depending on the size and style of the shower stall, someone may need to purchase additional plumbing supplies depending on the type of shower they purchase. Regardless, the installation process should only take around two to three hours, depending on the size of the stall and plumbing supplies used. Visit Bath Planet for more details on bathroom remodeling.